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Italian taps, world class!

ISH Frankfurt. has been the world’s largest installation trade fair for sanitary ware, heating and energy for many years.

However, Salone del Mobile in Milan is the global leader in the world of Italian designer bathroom furniture and taps. It’s the absolute place to be for every interior architect looking for innovation and inspiration, which has included VERSANI for many years. And this is obviously no coincidence, as Italian designers have a very keen eye for an optimal mixture of sustainable materials and simple beauty. We have compared – and still passionately compare – the range offered by these Italian top brands, right down to their workplace. This is how long-term partner deals were entered into between VERSANI and Italian family businesses like Casabath, Fantini, Hotbath, Antrax radiators, CIELO, AXA, Galassia and Emmevi. The beautiful realisations by our faithful installers testify to this pure class.
The VERSANI range was recently expanded with ultra-innovative and high-end stainless steel tapware and associated accessories from top designer CEA.

Contrary to our competitors, VERSANI never hides its house brands under its own logo, nor do we aim for pure exclusivity. This ensures both the brand and the series maintain optimal transparency for the end customer, which allows us to guarantee an excellent price comparison and aftercare.

Northern Italy is simply the beating heart of the Italian sanitary designer world. You will find around a hundred factories around the Lago d’Orta which are now using their traditional expertise from the clock industry for the design and production of top quality sanitary elements. The alloys you’ll find there are simply the very best in the world. Above all else, the quality of their coloured taps (referred to as coatings or finishings) is truly world class. Matt black and white taps from our Italian brands are coloured by a 3-component varnish, which makes them a great deal more scratch-resistant. They were the very first to use the physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology for the coating of fixtures in polished brass and brushed copper. In addition to solid stainless steel 316, PVD taps are also the most maintenance-friendly and virtually indestructible.

CASABATH, pure craftsmanship!

Whereas the Lago d’Orta is the Mecca for bath fittings, Tuscany is home to the trendsetters for bathroom furniture.

VERSANI introduced the PISA-based CASABATH to the Belgian market back in 1995. Since that time, the mutual respect for the pure craftsmanship and Italian culture between the two family businesses has matured into a passionate relationship! VERSANI currently has the most extensive CASABATH collection of the whole of Europe in its showroom.

Looking for rural taps? View EMMEVI's original offer!

Although the Italian brand NICOLAZZI in Belgium is seen as a specialist in retro taps, is the offer from EMMEVI just a little more original and affordable. Their choice of colors is very extensive and especially their finish with SWAROVSKI crystal of pure world class. Both brands can be found in various versions in our showroom.

No sanitary porcelain is as colorful as Italian ceramics!

Although ceramics are Chinese in origin, the name porcelain refers to the Italian term cowries and many processes and especially sanitary applications have their origins in Rome and the North of Italy. No wonder that top Italian brands such as AXA, CIELO and GALASSIA are still among the most colorful and innovative ceramic manufacturers. You will find them with numerous products from toilet to wash basin at VERSANI.

Galassia lavabo