Find your professional

We are happy to offer you extra assurance in terms of professionalism, technical expertise and, above all, knowledge of the latest technologies. There are therefore many reasons why you should choose a recognized professional to carry out your bathroom installation.

Quality Guarantee

By working with a recognized professional, you minimize the risk of defects and you avoid extra costs in the long or medium term.

Knowledge of materials

By choosing a real professional, you guarantee yourself that the proposed solution is the best for you as a customer instead of a proposal that is too expensive or too cheap.

Correct budgeting

The expert will inform you in advance about the total price tag. After all, he has the necessary expertise for this. This is also how you recognize a professional!


With the installers recommended by Versani, you know you’re in the right place: safety through the professional, also in terms of liability if something should go wrong.

Registered and recognised

If you choose a recognized installer, you know that the service can be trusted and you will benefit from the advantageous 6% VAT rate if your home is older than 10 years.

Expert advice and installation

A recognized professional is trained and experienced in the field of installations, placement and the latest technologies.

Personal involvement

We only work with installers who strive for the same unique customer involvement.


The recognized professional knows how important a smooth and sound installation is and will always keep to the time agreements.

One point of contact

The recognized professional is your point of contact. Use his expertise and creativity to explore all possibilities and determine them according to your wishes.

Subsidy and premiums

By working together with a recognized professional, you can also benefit from all kinds of (energy) premiums!