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VERSANI reunites functionality, well-being and aesthetics with its comfort sanitary ware range

Daar waar de meeste badkamer specialisten vandaag hun aanbod comfort sanitair beperken tot barrièrevrije elementen voor hulpbehoevende senioren of toilet accessoires voor rolstoelgebruikers, koos VERSANI in 2019 resoluut voor een holistische aanpak. Wonen in al zijn vormen is immers drastisch aan het veranderen, zo ook in de privébadkamer. VERSANI ging op zoek naar leveranciers partners die zowel veiligheid, functionaliteit, welzijn én esthetiek integreerden onder de noemer comfort sanitair. Specialist in een barrière vrije vormgeving, HEWI, bood VERSANI niet enkel een interactief productoverzicht op deze website, maar realiseerde – uniek in Vlaanderen – een totaalconcept van de hedendaagse badkamer voor mindervaliden in de VERSANI showroom.

Working towards creating a stylish, affordable senior bathroom

De huidige generatie van senioren verkiest vaak een bad boven een douchecabine met opklapstoeltje. Meestal is er echter onvoldoende ruimte in de oude badkamer om beide systemen te renoveren naar een barrièrevrije sanitaire zone. Partners ARTWEGER en HSK bieden een betaalbaar alternatief met hun instapbaden. In onze showroom vind je zowel de TWINLINE als het HSK DOBLA instap bad.

2D plan minimale oppervlakte comfort sanitair

VERSANI translates inclusion into a stylish bathroom according to EU standards

Do you have no idea of the options and points of interest to make a toilet and bathroom barrier-free? Then the EU guidelines of the accessibility law for people with disabilities are a useful guideline. After all, specific rules and regulations apply at European level to ensure the accessibility of buildings, infrastructure and technologies for people with disabilities. These regulations target access to toilets in public places such as bars, restaurants and hotels, and promote the right to inclusion for all people. One of the reference provisions on accessibility is Directive 2010/32/EU. This sets concrete standards for toilets in healthcare environments. However, the principles can be equally applied to other public spaces. In addition, Directive 2010/35/EU provides standards to ensure the accessibility and safety of toilets in public places. Bathrooms with minimum dimensions must guarantee maneuvering and use of devices for persons with reduced mobility. The toilet, bidet, bath, shower must be accessible from the side, the sink from the front. They must meet minimum installation dimensions and ideally be equipped with handrails. The attached 2D plan shows the ideal setup within a minimum surface area, taking into account EU standards.

Raised, extended or antibacterial toilet? Why not a shower toilet?

Various different porcelain manufacturers now offer comfort solutions with either a raised or extended toilet, for example partners LAUFEN and Villeroy&Boch, possibly including an antibacterial treatment. However, only a shower toilet integrates the original added value of the bidet. Some manufacturers offer these systems with and without a drying function. VERSANI is the only sanitary wholesaler to have the DURAVIT Sensowash, the Villeroy&Boch ViClean and the complete GEBERIT Aquaclean gamma in operation in its showroom.

Painful joints, muscle complaints?

Whirlpool systems or an infra-red shower can offer an affordable solution.

Expensive medication for skin disorders, poor circulation or painful muscles or joints can usually be reduced when using an infra-red shower. These are available in various different sizes and both as built-in and surface-mounted versions. And aside from the initial purchase price, their consumption levels are actually quite low. A recommended efficient infra-red shower lasting 8 minutes only consumes 0.03 euro.

Partner and SUNSHOWER expert also offers infra-red and UV combi-systems.

Whirlpool Riho

If you don’t have space for a walk-in shower and you prefer a bath, then the Villeroy&Boch whirlpool systems could offer the perfect solution. The hydro system’s massage jets significantly improve blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.

VERSANI has a closed department above its showroom, where both the hydro system and the spa systems by partner RIHO can be tested.

Washbasins at working height

Manufacturer HEWI, with their renowned S 900 system, and PRESSALIT offer stylish washbasins with their sanitary aids for people with disabilities, which are also super easy to maintain.

But our partner and Flemish manufacturer SLEURS GROUP has also developed fully customised bathroom furniture for seniors.

comfort sanitair

Premiums and advice

The Flemish government will offer an adjustment premium for certain sanitary renovation works if you are over 65 years old, in addition to the reduced VAT rate of 6%.

VERSANI recommends that, in addition to the advice issued by their health insurer, people with a disability who are younger than 65 consult the Flemish Agency for People with Disabilities – VAPH – via the PREMIEZOEKER website.

The neutral REVA will be an excellent source for useful advice about renovation projects for the disabled and comfort sanitary ware.

The VENPH, the Flemish European network for people with disabilities, can also provide advice and support in the field of accessibility of your interior.